Whole Body Vibration

I am interested in “whole body vibration”. B&B have featured it in at least one video, but I am finding my vibration plate (LifePro Vivid- pulsation only) to be a huge positive addition to increasing fitness. I am adapting a number of recommended B&B exercise moves to use on the plate, and I am finding that in doing so, the effectiveness of these moves is enhanced.

Any other B&B afficianados using one??

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Thanks for this! Yes, we did feature the Vitality Plate back in 2018. We could add this to our to do list to do an updated video on it and get more feedback from fans! Great idea. Thanks for this input, will help others decide if they want to try one !
Here is the video in case anyone wanted to watch it: A New "Unusual" Home Exercise Program: Vitality Plate - YouTube

I think the “value-added” thing that B&B can contribute is specific exercises on the plate for strengthening specific areas. I (had) an arthritically bad left knee (result of a high-school sports injury 50+ years ago). Using the vibration plate has eliminated the knee pain, let me discard the cane I had just begun to need, and, after 9 months of use, I am recovering my normal walking gait. But I have been “shooting in the dark” as to what I specifically need to do. My current workout is alternating heel/toe raises (set of 10), shallow squats (set of 10), and shallow “good mornings” (set of 10) and repeat for ten minutes. This seems to be effectively targeting my leg-strengthening and lower back. But getting here has been all trial and error.

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