Top 5 Stretches I Do Daily in ascending order of importance to me:

  1. Calf Stretch
  2. Hip Flexor Stretch
  3. Chest Stretch
  4. Neck Stretches
  5. Upper Back Stretch (To prevent neck hump and pain)

What Stretch Do You Like? By the way I’ll do a video on this topic.


got mine from yoga for beginners:

  • lying down side twist - left and right, head turned away from legs
  • seated side twist - left and right, looking over shoulder, 3 different hand positions
  • standing, arms above heard, palms together
    a) turn upper body to side - l and r
    b) bend upper body to side - l and r
  • stretching one arm and opp leg - air plane like, both sides
  • squatting

that’s my routine now, unless I lapse or - the weather is bad (I live in a small trailer, so have to do most outside) :slight_smile:
thanks for al your work/1