The Epley Manouvre

Hi, I came upon your video and I find it is encouraging in my case. Although, I’ve had the very occasional episodes of vertigo in my 60s, it was, shall we say, negligible. I am 79 now. I started getting it again with a scary episode just last month. I had since been getting them much more frequently, almost daily when I get out of bed, that it affects my daily activities. I had not driven my car for the last 3 days because of fear factor.

My husband has MS, so he cannot assist me. The physiotherapist charges are so high and my insurance does not cover it. Can I do the Epley Manouvre safely on my own? Do I absolutely need somebody to help me?

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Here is a video that may be helpful as well. If you are very dizzy and unsteady it is recommended having someone help you. Understanding Causes of Vertigo –AND—Effective Cure by Epley Maneuver Home Treatment - YouTube The Bob and Brad Team

You can try it on your own but BE SAFE and don’t fall off the table. You could see a therapist once and ask for a home program.