Suppliments Do you fellas believe that suppliments can help

Do you guys agree to using suppliments such as glucosamine chondroitin ?

Hello Donna, We don’t really promote supplements and haven’t done any videos on this particular one. We can add it to our to do list and possibly get a video uploaded to YouTube in the near future.

Ok I believe it is to help with joint pain. It appeared to also help my black labs hip issues as he always seemed a bit more active when he took these.

I am trying one a day now.

I enjoy your you tube programs and I hope you continue .
Best. Donna

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Its funny how so many people see positive health effects from supplements, but most health care professionals will not comment on this topic.

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I know. And I understand there should be no mystery to science experts and physiology experts .
I recall the big debate over Vitamin C.

Well…I was a teacher. …Around sixth grade mucus daily. !!!

Globules of whatever everywhere. Even through a flu epidemic where 60% of the school was out. In 15 years, I can recall only 2 bouts of flu. Any cold seemed to takes a short course. When I finally had it, I loaded on C, pedialite, and third day whole wheat pasta and greens. Flu Gone!

I could only attribute this to Vitamin C supplementing and lots of veggies. I learned this early on . The science says you pee it out; which makes science sense. But whatever it is; my system recovers quickly if I get sick at all. ( Knock on a clean surface table). 🤷 My dog moved better with glucosamine as he had hip dysplasia. His lethargy vanished.
Anyway, I took Bob and Brads advice for spinal stenosis and continue them faithfully as they were a HUGE help.

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Sorry not a big fan. Prefer nutrients from real food.