Sciatic pain and L4 L5 bulging disc with nerve impingement

I hurt my back bending over to pick up something back in February. I did see the chiropractor, surgeon had a couple of injections. Also, have been in physical therapy since February and back in September I started accupuncture. I am still not pain free and my leg hurts really bad. About 2 years ago I bought a new vehicle and was just looking at some reviews because I was thinking about buying another vehicle. I guess the seat in my vehicle doesn’t have lumbar support as some had shared they were experiencing sciatic pain from sitting in there new cars. DOES ANYONE KNOW WHAT TYPE OF CUSHION OR SUPPORT I CAN USE FOR MY VEHICLE. Desperately seeking help. Thank you! CINDY

This may be helpful. There are cushion links in the description Secrets to Driving without Back, Neck, or Sciatic Pain - YouTube

Thank you so very much.