Recurring spasms in mid back muscle: overuse injury

Greetings from a newbie,
I’m a 70 year-old female and suffer from spasms in a long mid back muscle. It started with overuse, and would go away after 3 days of rest, but now, 20 years later, the last two years it lasts for weeks on end, on and off. It’s brought on by working in a bending position, like gardening. Once sensitised, even washing up causes pain. I can’t get anything done around the home or garden, so frustration certainly doesn’t help. Ranges from excruciating several per minute to the occasional stab, to the muscle just feeling sore.

There was much tightness between the shoulder blades which is improving due to various exercises, but this hasn’t stopped the spasms starting. Applying cold packs just makes it worse, heat is the most soothing. Drinking alcohol works a treat as a last resort, but that is obviously no long-term solution! Over-the-counter muscle relaxants don’t work any more, DMSO has little effect. Massage with a hand-held device sometimes helps for a while, but now I have golfers elbow from using it and rubbing with my hand. Gentle stretches don’t help.
I should add that I have always had a tendency for RSI. My diet is healthy and I take supplements of magnesium, Vit D3 & K2 and boron. Next to taking adequate rest, which is difficult for me, I am wondering if acupuncture might help. Am itching to start gentle weight training and back strengthening exercises, but first the muscle must be healed. Aaaaaghr!

Anyone with a similar problem? Any suggestions?

We are sorry to hear you are experiencing this! Here are a couple videos that hopefully can help if you haven’t already seen them : Relieve Back Spasms Fast! NO Meds - YouTube
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Thanks so much for the videos!

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Anytime!!! Hope they are helpful