Pinched nerve in back

I had a job as a receptionist where I had two chairs that were given to me neither one had back support. I was literally sitting up with no back support 8 hours a day for 6 weeks. It was my mistake for not asking for a third additional chair .my arm started bothering me and I started having numbness in my fingers. Three Saturdays ago I woke up and jumped up out of bed and somehow pinched my nerve and have not been the same since. insurance not start until June 1st. I did talk to a doctor but had to pay out of pocket and they want to do an MRI. They don’t take my insurance, so I am going to another facility after my insurance takes effect. I have been doing the exercises as Bob and Brad have requested but I still feel numbness in my fingers.
I guess I should note that in 2009 I did have spine fusion Places C2- C4
plus a bone spur that was sticking into my spinal cord.

We are very sorry to hear you are experiencing this. Yes, those chairs sound like they did you in! As we cannot answer individual medical questions via the internet, we can point you in the right direction of the correct video to watch. You did mention that you have been trying the exercises in our videos, so please forgive me if I give you the same video titles that you have already seen.

I have also added this to our to do list to see if we can come up with some more ideas for you. If we are able to, we will upload the video to YouTube in the near future. After you do get your MRI, if you wanted to reach back out after you have a diagnosis for sure, we can give you other options when we know exactly what we are dealing with!