Need help with L5S1/ Spondyliosos and problems sitting

I recently watched your video on spondyliosos. But you said generally the pain is worse while standing and gets better while sitting. I am the opposite. Standing is fine. But I am in pain whe I sit which makes it hard to go to a restaurant, go on a road trip, etc… and it’s exhausting never being able to sit and living with constant pain,

My orthopedist just sends me to PT, which helps, but the pain remains. I finally went to one chiropractor who put me on a flexion table which helped. Then I went to another chiropractor who said the flexion table could cause more injury and I need to use a DRX9000. The ortho recommended cortisone shots which I did once, but it didn’t help. The chiro who recommended the DRX 9000 said only an epidural will work.

I’m desperate, don’t know who to believe, what’s safe, and how to recover.

Your pain does not appear to be from spondylolisthesis or spinal stenosis. Shouldn’t be worse sitting.