Long term recovery after Back Surgery Advice needed

Hi Bob and Brad community. I love watching Bob and Brad videos and glad to see this new community forum. I have recently had Cauda Equina Syndrome and had to have an emergency discectomy. I had a good outcome and I only have a small amount of back pain remaining. My bad leg is a bit weak, has quite a bit of numbness and I occasionally get some pains and cramps.

I have heard that there is some risk of the disc re-herniating which is a bit worrying. I would like some advice on how to look after my back and strengthen it. I was thinking about some exercises but also some advice on what is safe to do long term. Like how much I can lift and is there anything I should avoid. I want to get back to my normal life and things, so I don’t want to be avoiding things I could safely do.

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Hi! Here is a video that may help you: Top 7 Bed Exercises after Laminectomy/Discectomy (back surgery) - YouTube
As for long term recovery, I will add this to our Bob & Brad To Do List and hopefully we can come up with some ideas in the near future to upload to YouTube.
Best of luck!
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I had spine survery 3 months ago for Spondylolisthesis that was unstable L4-5. I am still having quite a bit of pain. I had rehab for 2 weeks after surgery. I have been doing a great deal of walking. I am also looking for possible long term help as I recover.

We are very sorry to hear you are going through this! I have added future exercises to bob and brads to do list, and hopefully they can upload a helpful video for you to YouTube in the near future.

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