I injured my boyfriend's shoulder massaging him

I believe I injured my boyfriend’s supraspinatus while massaging him and would like to know how to help him heal. He is an amateur bodybuilder of about a year. I was massaging his back. I was running my elbows up his back on either side of the spine from the bottom to the top. When I got to the top, my elbows went all the way over his shoulders and hit the bed underneath him. He says it feels like I pushed muscles out of place, and I believe they are the supraspinatus, but I could be wrong. Is it possible to push them out of place or any other muscles? What do I do now? He can’t hold his arm up straight out to the side without extreme pain. We don’t have insurance and can’t afford to pay out of pocket to go anywhere and free clinics don’t offer physical therapy. Please help.

We are very sorry to hear this! I see this was posted 11 days ago, I apologize for the late response. How is he doing now? Has his pain calmed down? Has he been having any abnormal feelings ? Did you end up going to the doctor? We would need an update since this was almost two weeks ago, as we would hate to aggravate it more if he is still hurting. Sincere apologies for the late response!