Help with back pain and walking

I have moderate osteoporosis, also have problems time to time with sciatica which Pilates has definitely helped with. My biggest problem is that when I go for a walk, after a very short time my back stiffens up and I keep needing to stop, hug a tree, swear a bit under my breath, walk a bit further, hug another tree. After an MRI a few years ago, a consultant told me the reason my back muscles are like marble is because they think they’re protecting my spine when I walk. I’ve tried massage, exercises and even a course of acupuncure which helped for a short time … until I tried to go for a walk. Any suggestions would be extremely gratefully received.

Bob and Brad have a few video on Osteoporosis that may be helpful Osteoporosis - YouTube.

Sara Meeks is also putting together a number of videos on Osteoporosis she will be adding to over the next couple weeks . Osteoporosis - The Meeks Method - YouTube

Hope you can find something helpful for your situation.