GIVEAWAY- T2 Massage Gun

Love your videos wish I had found you years ago.

I injured my left foot/left leg on 09/14/21 and this massage gun would help with the pain. Hoping to win.

Great giveaway, could use this for back and shoulder. Physical Therapist is working me over hard. Love your videos.

After going to two doctors for help with my lower painful coccyx bone with no relief, your ball method seems to be gradually helping. Keep those helpful videos coming, LUV you guys. When one shares their helping knowledge with another human being the benefits are priceless!

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did i make it? :business_suit_levitating: :biking_man: :biking_woman:

The winner will be announced on November 1st. Thanks for joining.

This looks like a nice massage gun. Can you point oit the differences between this and the C2 which I have?

I have chronic feet pain in both feet involving arthritis, erythromelalgia, neuropathy and fasciitis. Massing helps so I hope to win this great looking tool!

I really like the size of the massage gun. I hope everyone is doing well.

This T2 massage gun is exactly what I could use

Very cool machine that I have been told helps a lot. Thank you guys so much for all the great videos . Love that y’all like to generally help people and give out free helpful advice and PT exercises is a plus too. ** :smiley:**

I have the Q2 Mini - but would like something with more oomph. I would love to win a new T2. CAn you go over all the differences - weight, size, power, etc?

I’m so thankful I found you too I’ve been unable to move the two days stumbled across to you on YouTube I am thankful for everything you have helped me through mobility is improving tenfold

I love the videos! They are such a huge help! Thank you for all you do!

LeticiaReyes8532 You are the Bob and Brad Community winner of the T2 Massage Gun, Congratulations. Please email for more information.

hi, I am new to community, and have hopefully entered giveaway. I had no idea of this community. I was afflicted with a stroke in 2019 and the youtube videos are informative. My therapist came one day and i was watching Bob and Brad on youtube and she said those guys are really good, keep watching them. I shall miss her as she informed me our last session is next week. Many blessings to the winner…

I would love this gun. I have so many issues this would help. 33 years in emergency services. My body is falling apart.