GIVEAWAY- T2 Massage Gun

Bob and Brad’s T2 Massage Gun Just Released!!

We are celebrating by giving away not one but TWO T2 Massage Guns

There are two chances to win:

  1. Join the Bob and Brad Community and comment below.

  2. Go to Facebook and comment on the T2 giveaway post with ways you can help others.

To purchase the T2 Massage Gun:

-The Bob and Brad Team

*Update- the winner of the Bob and Brad Community Giveaway is LeticiaReyes8532


I can’t really think of anything new to add. I’m very happy to be able to search your pages and channels and usually find what I need!


We can all be a little kinder and smile more :slightly_smiling_face:

woohooo! thanks for doing these giveaways!

Thanks for the giveaway :upside_down_face:

would love this for my dad a Veteran . We all need to help others.

I love your videos! They have helped me with several issues that have occurred while playing golf, riding my bike, or doing silly things I should not be doing at my age. I could really use the massage gun!

I’ve been following you on YouTube for several years now. You have helped me with self diagnosis and the appropriate exercises and keeping my body in good shape. I didn’t even realize you had this website until I saw the giveaway on YouTube. Decided to join in case this is my lucky day.

Hey! Bob and Brad congratulations! on your new t2 massage gun

I just found you guys a few days ago and thankful I did! Such a wealth of information I’ve gleaned so far.

Hey Bob and Brad. I’ve been following you guys for a while now. The T2 Massage gun would be so helpful for my aches and pains. Thanks and have a good day.

“The best physiotherapists on the internet”

I love watching you guys! You are very informative!

You guys were invaluable throughout the lockdowns. I had been rear ended not long before it started and re-injured my back working out at home. Discouraged, I became complacent and working late all the time, lead to degeneration of my L-5 disc. Couldn’t bend over most days. But your lower back and core videos helped me get back on track and I’m in the gym again :raised_hand:t3:
Thank you Bob
Thank you Brad

Hi! Thanks for your work with very informative videos! You are helping me with my problems I have with my back pains and also knee pain! Thanks also for your massage gun I bought one some time ago and I am very pleased with it. Have a nice day!

I have found Bob and Brad so helpful. I would love to try the massage gun.

My brother has sciatica and I believe that this massage gun would help him. He has pain when he walks and when he gets up from sitting. We both subscribe and found you during lockdown. Now we both sing your theme song at inappropriate times to make each other laugh.
You are the best. Thanks for everything you do.

Thanks for giveaway this would be very helpful have upper back pain

Thanks! Throw my name in the hat!

(post deleted by author)

I’ve recommended you to hundreds of people at this point. Have a bad elbow forearm sprain right now so I hope I win!