Getting up from floor

I haven’t sat on the floor for the past 3 yrs because of my athritis issue…now I am in need to sit on the floor…I feel difficult in getting up from floor as I balance on my knees for getting up…my knees gets hurt because I cannot get cussion support for my knees when I go out…kindly help me to get up without knee support…I just want flexibility in my thigh and leg part…

Bob and Brad don’t currently have a video for getting off the floor without going onto the knees, but I will add it to their to do list. You could try using a pillow under the knee or shin for added cushion, or if you have strong arms scoot up backwards onto a low chair or stool.
-Bob and Brad Team Member


You can see if this video helps: How To Get On/Off The Floor (The Bob & Brad TWIST) How To Get On/Off The Floor (The Bob & Brad TWIST) - YouTube

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