General neck chest and upset back tightness

Hi all,
Yes I tend to overuse my phone and computer and as a result I do get a stiff neck and shoulder.
How does everyone relieve their discomfort?

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Hi. I stretch and use my tennis ball.
I stretch by going to an open door and put hands on door frame and lean through the door. Keep a neutral spine. I also do a single arm move. Place palm on wall and have your body perpendicular to wall. Slightly turn out until you feel a stretch but not pain. Again, neutral spine.
Tennis ball? Place it on area and gently press against a wall, can do floor if tolerable. Again avoid pain.
These work for me.


We are actually possibly going to be looking into a product that will help that exact thing! We have not tested it out yet so we do not know if it is actually beneficial, but if it is we will post on YouTube about it in the future. In the meantime here’s a video you can watch, How To Fix A Stiff & Painful Neck At Home In 3 Simple Steps - YouTube

Try the B&B video for rotator cuff. There is an exercise that uses a booyah stick (I use my paint stick handle) It is a motion like paddling a canoe. Relieves most shoulder and arm stiffness.

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Best thing is to prevent it from happening Step-by-Step Computer Set-Up to Stop Neck, Back & Arm Pain. - YouTube
Good luck