Eye Massager Directions

I just received my eye massager today. The directions are confusing me. “If eye ever carried out surgery, it is prohibited to use this product.” Can you please clarify this? I have had cataract surgery and have replacement lenses. I do have dry eye syndrome and would like to use this device if possible. If surgery is a situation that prohibits use of the eye massager, this information would be helpful if it were made more prominent in the description of this item when purchasing.

I am very sorry, we haven’t proofread the manuals meticulously yet. This means that if you had eye surgery, you should not use the eye massager. Since you have had cataract surgery, we would not recommend you use this product without consulting your physician. We will get the manual redone asap and make sure you include in the descriptions online to highlight the surgery part, you are correct, this is very important information to know.
Thank you so much for your feedback. If you do need to return this, and it has been within 30 days since you’ve purchased, please use Amazon to return it and receive your refund. If it has been over 30 days, please contact us at 612-567-3035 and we can get your order number and information to get it returned hassle free.