Doing surgery for Out-toing abnormaility, that cause calf atrophy

Hello, i dont know if the question is correlated with the aim of the website, but i will ask anyway.

I born with a congenital abnormality in my right leg that is called ( out-toing), so when i was toddler I had multiple surgeries and i was wearing splints in my right leg for a long time, as i grew up i found that it is not good to had surgeries as it make some defects in the leg like atrophy, pain, difficulty in mobilizing toes, and a scar in the anterior part of the foot. And the therapy can be done without the surgery.

Arguably, I have all of the adverse effects of the Out-toing surgery except the pain, so I have calf atrophy with difficulty in moving my right ankle and toes, my age right now is 19, so can i fix these issues? or they will be permanent as they are persent for a long time?, I want at least treat the calf atrophy to equalize my left calf,but i dont know how and what the exercise should do. Thank you.

We are very sorry to hear you are going through this. Unfortunately, we do not have a video on this yet, however I have added it to our do list and hopefully we can come up with a video to upload to YouTube in the near future. In the meantime, here are a couple videos you can watch for exercises on how to strengthen your calf muscles and hopefully that can start to slow the degeneration until we can research it more. Best of luck !