Continued knee pain and stiffness after partial arthroscopic meniscectomy

Hi. I had a partial meniscectomy (arthroscopic) on the right knee about 5 months ago and I have been exercising and going to physio however my knees both seem to be getting a bit worse. I am experiencing more stiffness and pain around the knee. I was informed that there was the start of arthritis in my right knee and I also have condramalasia patella (on both knees). Out of all your knee series videos which do you think would be the best and safest for me?

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We are very sorry to hear you are experiencing this. Here is a link to a video that may help and I have also added this to our to do list so that we can address it specificially and hopefully we will be able to get a video uploaded to YouTube that can help : Exercises & Rehab after Meniscus Surgery: Strengthening & Stretches - YouTube
Patellofemoral Pain & Chondromalacia-Great Self-Treatment & Exercises - YouTube