Cell phone type vibration down left leg

Herniated disc L5-S1, bulging disc L4-L5 for about 5 years. Have numbness all down left leg into my foot but in the past few months I’m having periods of cell phone type vibration down my affected left leg. It’s pretty intense and it is literally like a cell phone where it vibrates and halts for a second and does it again sometimes all day long. I know the sciatic nerve is pinched, I had an MRI some years ago, but I’m concerned about this vibration if it might mean it’s getting worse? or a miracle that the vibration means the nerve is waking up and the numbness/pain will go away?? haha… would love that to be the answer. Thanks


That does sound like the Sciatic nerve is acting up. Unfortunately, it is not waking up. Sounds like the Sciatica is worsening. Here are a couple video links you can try and hopefully one or more of the videos on one of these links will help:

Best of luck,
The Bob and Brad Team