Beginner pole squats with compromised form, or address neck forward

In viewing Bob and Brad video on performing beginner squats, they suggested using a posh pole or dowel to hold behind your back touching your butt, back, and rear of head . My problem is there is space between the pole and my head probably the computer and cell phone use causing neck forward. I have learned that proper form is very important. I am almost 1 year after PLIF surgery of L4 L5 S1, after 25 years of Spinal Stenosis that left me weakened. So I am anxious to move around more. I’ve been laying flat on the floor, on my back with chin tucked a little, hoping gravity may help with neck forward. I just want to know can I do the squats in a compromised form or must I straighten my neck first


It would be great if you could fix the neck first, as improper form will almost always cause pain. Here are a couple videos to try to correct this:

Best of luck,
The Bob and Brad Team

Thank you so much for your response !! I thought so also after watching Bob and Brad’s video, so I backed off on the squats. Thank you for sending videos, I will add them to my home exercise program, and post a comment after I have accomplished correcting my forward neck. Thank you again

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No problem!! Anytime :slight_smile: